Monday, July 27, 2009

I want to go to heaven.........I can't handle the heat. LOL

We are in a HEAT WAVE, here in Washington state. When it is 96* and up to 90%+ humidity, you cannot breath. We had that today.......tomorrow is supposed to drop to 86* and then to 79* on wednesday, back to 86* on thursday. I sooo miss the dry climate of Idaho.

We have been in MUCH prayer for Mckmama's precious baby Stellan today. He is such an amazingly strong baby boy. We believe that Jesus is going to heal precious Stellan. He is on his way to Boston SOON for maybe another ablation. Please pray for Stellan with us!!!

This is my first post, I so wanted it to be of my kids/grandbabies and hubby and I.....but next time. FOR NOW, I am going to try to SOMEHOW get cool enough to go to bed soon. It is only supposed to get as low as 64 through the night. *SIGH*


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Hi my name is Donita *dawn-ee-tuh*, I am 56 years old, have been married to my husband Danny for 37 years. We dated for six years, *met at age 12* started liking each other at age 13. We have two great kids, Daniel Aaron 36 *wife Tricia ~ girls Cass Paige 12, Madi Sue 11*, and Deena D'neah 32 *hubby Jason ~ daughter Ava Grace 7, son Tate Alexander 5. That makes us Papa and Grammy to FOUR beautiful grandbabies. They are our greatest earthly joy. I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 7 * HE is still working on that GOOD WORK HE began in me*. My husband gave his life to Jesus 6 years ago *never give up praying for those you love*. :-) Danny and I spend a lot of time with our church family. We are leaders under the youth pastor and his wife. We love the teens so much, HOWEVER *we really feel our age*. LOL We have lived in Wa for 19 1/2 years, I miss my family/friends in Idaho, so much. Our kids/grandbabies live five hours from us, in Bend Oregon. Lets just say, Grammy does a lot of road trips. ;-)